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Finding a permanent solution is our ultimate goal!

Since 1917, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and creating reliable products to serve them all. Not only do we provide products, but we also provide services that will show companies how to make their linens last longer, and provide companies with the linens they need according to industry. 

Our knowledge in the textile industry spans over a century, and we are able to pass that knowledge to our clients in order for them to reduce costs, improve quality, and not only be a supplier, but also a partner that is invested in your companies success. 

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Quality comes first! We make sure that every minute detail is looked into while manufacturing even the smallest product. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.


Our Smart Linen has changed the commercial laundry industry by utilizing RFID tags to minimize losses, and maximize profitability. Not only do we provide you with linens that come with RFID tags, we also provide support with implementation to ensure a smooth integration in operation for commercial laundries, and other facilities with in-house laundry. 


We understand companies that have a heavy demand for linens need them to last a long time. That is why our production facilities are focused on bringing quality products that are built to last. We can guarantee quality products or money back. 

We are the creators you can trust on for a perfect solution to all your needs.

Need help with maximizing your linens? We are experts!