Wholesale Table Linens

Wholesale Table Linen Choices Restaurant Owners Have To Make

When a restaurant decides to purchase new wholesale table linens restaurant owners are looking for durability, and quality. How will you know what to decide and who to purchase from? The answer is to shop with Star Industrial Supplies. We carry a large selection of wholesale table linens for event companies, restaurants, and distributors. Here …

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Commercial Linens

Why Your Hospital Should Partner With Star Industrial Supply   Running a hospital is an extremely complicated process, so the last thing you want to worry about is basic logistics. Supplying, cleaning, and discarding the huge number of surgical rags, commercial linens, cleaning rags, and mop pads is a chore — luckily, Star Industrial can …

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Wholesale Bar Towels

Why You Should Buy Rags In Bulk

Rags are rags, right? Not so fast. While the random scraps of cloth you use for wiping and cleaning around your restaurant, bar, hotel, or shop might seem like the last thing you need to put any thought into, you really should be buying them recycled and in bulk. Here’s why.