Top Things to Consider When Ordering Gym Towels

If you’re weighing your options for gym towels, you likely have several concerns from things that can include quality, fabric characteristics, and of course, the overall pricing. To help address these concerns, we have broken down a few different fabric types to select the best towel fabric for your use.

Fabric Type

When shopping for Gym towels, the first thing to consider is the type of fabric. Most gym towels come in three different types of fabric: cotton, cotton-polyester, and microfiber.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each one:


Cotton is the most widely available fabric on the market. It’s soft and absorbent to the touch. The downside to using cotton towels is the shrinkage, which happens from high temperatures while washing and drying.


Blending natural cotton with synthetic fibers helps strengthen the fabric’s integrity; this helps reduce the amount of shrinkage and wrinkling.

The result is durability and longer-lasting. The downside to this is that polyester is derived from oil, making it’s much less than 100% cotton.


These towels are made from multiple synthetic fibers. An upside to using this type of fabric that is made out of 100% synthetic fibers is that it’s compact and lightweight.

The fibers used in this material are much smaller than natural fibers, increasing the surface area and making this an ideal towel for cleaning and hygiene purposes.


Synthetic fibers are made from standard oil-based products; therefore, they are not as absorbent as other natural fibers. Since cotton is a natural fiber, it can absorb huge amounts of moisture, making it ideal for bath and shower use.

Typically, synthetic fabric is more cost-efficient than the natural fabric alternative. This is because it is a human-made fiber, and costs are lower during production. Natural fiber fabric tends to be more expensive due to the complex manufacturing processes.

100% cotton towels typically outperform towels with synthetic fibers – which also increases the price. However, if you expect to replace your towels often, it might be more cost-efficient to buy synthetic fiber towels.


Because natural fibers originate from plant materials, they wear down (decompose) much faster than synthetic fiber fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are made from plastic, which makes it more durable than natural fibers.

Choosing The Right Gym Towel To Buy

When choosing the right gym towel to buy, you need to consider the towel’s intended purpose.

Are you planning these towels for the showers and bathrooms?

Do you want these towels for the workout area?

Are you using these towels for cleaning and hygiene purposes?

No matter what you decide to use for fabric, that is only the first part, then is the sizes, colors, thickness, etc. just remember never to sacrifice quantity for quality on towels, or you will be ordering them more often then you would like to

Don’t forget, when ordering gym towels, you need to consider their fabric type, cost, durability, absorbency, and use.

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