Wholesale Table Linens

Wholesale Table Linen Choices Restaurant Owners Have To Make

When a restaurant decides to purchase new wholesale table linens restaurant owners are looking for durability, and quality. How will you know what to decide and who to purchase from? The answer is to shop with Star Industrial Supplies. We carry a large selection of wholesale table linens for event companies, restaurants, and distributors. Here are a few things to consider when making your next purchase of wholesale table linens.

  • Shape and Size- Since we are the manufacturer we are able to make custom size orders and private label.
  • Color- Next comes the color. You want the color of your table linens to match the style of your restaurant. Need something custom? Don’t worry we can custom make any table linens with any color you want!
  • Napkins– Do not underestimate how important napkins can be to your restaurant. They also can be a big money saver if you buy quality napkins from Star Industrial Supplies. Quality wholesale napkins is environmentally friendly, and saves more money than buying paper napkins. It also gives your customers more comfort when dining at your establishment.

Wholesale Table Linens That Are Durable And Fashionable


At Star Industrial Supplies our over 100 years of manufacturing expertise allows us to produce some of the finest table linens in the world. Find out why restaurants choose our products over the rest of the heard. If you have any questions please give us a call at 303-295-7737, or email us at orders@redstarrags.com, or please fill out our contact form and a textile expert will you be with you shortly!

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