Why using cloth napkins is better for your restaurant

When customers walk into a restaurant and see cloth napkins there is a higher expectation. Clients see your restaurant as higher class, modern, and sustainable. In todays age, customers want to see that businesses are doing everything they can to be more eco-friendly while being able to give them the style and class that they expect. Here are some reasons why you should be using our wholesale table linen.

  • According to Green Child Magazine, it takes 17 trees to make a ton of paper towels. It’s also a big water waster. It takes 20,000 gallons of water to make that same ton of paper towels.
  • Cost savings- Instead of purchasing paper napkins over and over again, reduce your costs by purchasing wholesale napkins. Our wholesale table linen is made to last and can be washed hundreds of times without losing the color or soft feel. Since paper napkins are disposable customers treat them as such. It actually drives up costs even more because clients tend to use more than just one paper napkin at a time.

Purchase your high quality table napkins from the textile manufacturing pros.

Star Industrial is proud to offer a wide selection of wholesale table linens. From bistro napkins, to standard table cloths we can help your restaurant look modern, lower costs, and help you become more environmentally friendly. Give us a call at 303-295-7737, or fill out a contact form and a representative  will be with you shortly.

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