Why We Have Sold Wholesale Recycled Wiping Rags Since 1917

Founded in 1917 in Denver, Colorado, our company has a rich history and we are proud to share our story with our loyal customers.

Doing Our Part

In 1917 World War 1 was coming to an end and America’s industry was on the rise. Factories that were producing arms, tanks, and other military needs now switched to gears, home goods, etc. With 4 million military personnel returning home the industrial machine could not afford to fail. That is when our founders Jerry Kohen, and Ronald Kobrin came in to do their part. Jerry and Ronald sold rags in boxes for affordable prices. It was their small contribution towards growing the American super power and pursuing the American Dream.


Four Generations Later

Star Industrial Supplies still stands strong today. We have survived two world wars, two economic depressions, and have become a leading textile company. While we have stepped into other markets like commercial linen, and microfiber, wiping rags is still a core part of our business. We import and distribute a wide selection of products including wholesale towels, wholesale microfiber cloths and mops, textiles for the hospital, healthcare, automotive, textile rental, and restaurant industries.

Last Year We Processed 25 Million Pounds

of reclaimed clothing into wholesale wiping rags. By recycling textiles we keep textiles and clothing out of landfills and give them a second life. Many of the textiles we recycle are still in very good condition and by being able to keep them out of landfills reduces carbon emissions, provides local Denver jobs, and makes us a leader in textile recycling.

Continuing To Innovate

This ain’t your grandpas rag packing operation anymore. We have processed toward innovative packing solutions that lowers costs, increases shipping capacity, and is more efficient. Ask us about our packing solutions to help lower your costs on wholesale wiping rags. Our poly compressed packaging is cheaper, more storage friendly, and we can private label to promote your brand.

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Give us a call at 303-295-7737 to find out how you can lower costs on wiping rags, or if you are interested in any other of our fine products.

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